MSc Lighting Design, 120 ECTS

Creative Lighting Department at ITMO University (CLD ITMO University) is a unique center of applied research and postgraduate international education in the field of Lighting Design in Russia. CLD draws upon cutting-edge research in Photonics and Optics offered by several International Research Centres as well as ITMO School of Computer Technologies & Control. Its International Master’s Program in Lighting Design is one of its kind in Russia. The Program is based on the combi­nation of problem-based and human-centric approaches with deep integration of modern tech­nologies (HCI, big data, microelectronics, new materials, smart wearables, IoT, photonics and optics) into the educational process and applied research projects by students and staff.­ Master’s Program attracts not only graduate students with various backgrounds but also people with extensive professional experience in Architecture, Interior and/or Urban Design, Media, and Engineering. CLD’s students mostly work on innovative projects that are dedicated to the improvement of health and lighting environment leading to sustainable innovation-led growth worldwide.

Partner University for Academic Mobility: Aalborg University (AAU)

Career Options: Industry forecasts estimate a great demand for more professionals within the field of Lighting Design. CLD’s graduates will have endless opportunities in lighting manufacturing and lighting design industries that offer positions in engineering companies, movie&theatre companies, light-art companies and more. CLD Master’s International program is rooted in practice. It means that students graduate with an extensive project portfolio demonstrating their hands-on skills and experience, and this is exactly what employers are looking for.

Presentation of International Master's Program for Partners

The Higher School of Lighting Design

Students will:

Actively use and increase the creative and intellectual potential with the help of modern technology, analytical tools and clear orientation in the informational field

Acquire unique knowledge and experience while creating city lighting and multimedia projects with the guidance from leading Russian and European experts

Have a possibility to work on exclusive creative projects in the field of Art & Science in line with IT, Photonics, and Robotechnics alongside international researches

Graduate as an exclusive specialist with a quality portfolio, resume and recommendations for future employment on the international market

Complete internships at leading Russian and international companies with a chance to get a job offer as a result

Gain a fascinating experience of living and studying abroad

Content of the Program 120 ECTS

  • Creative Technologies 4 ECTS
  • Academic English 4 ECTS
  • Data Processing and Analysis 3 ECTS
  • Principles and Methods of Light Modelling 6 ECTS
  • Photonics 3 ECTS
  • Optional Module of Management Discipline (chosen by student) 4 ECTS
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence 3 ECTS
  • A Problem-oriented Approach to Lightning Design Projects 5 ECTS
  • Design-forecasting: Global Challenges, Analytics and Strategies 4 ECTS
  • Visual Perception 3 ECTS
  • Lighting Culture. Light in Art, Design, Architecture, Urban Environment 3 ECTS
  • Specializations: Light in Architecture and Urban Environment or Light in Industrial Design 18 ECTS
  • Practice/Research 24 ECTS
  • Practice/Design and Technology 21
  • Master Thesis and State Exam 15 ECTS

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