Special prices from the Hotel Rossi

12 september 2017 cld itmo university creative lighting design lighting design conference lighting design urban innovations

Participants of international conference “Lighting Design — 2017” grants 10% discount from flexible rates

Reservation can be made through the website only by using a promo-code “lighting” or by contacting the reservation department via tel. +7 (812) 635 6333/e-mail reservation@rossihotels.com. Discount is provided only from tariffs without prepayment (BAR / FRO)


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Master students became masters

Our congratulations to our students with Completing Their Master's Degree and new step into big life — without exams, design of viable projects and sleepless nights in the search systems

CLD ITMO University opened the doors for applicants

In the framework of night musical program "Sun. Sky. Moon. Stars" at the Central Exhibition Hаll Manege

We are "Top Department" at ITMO University

ITMO University has tallied up the results for the "Top Departments" competition on ITMO University’s Birthday. CLD ITMO University took third place.

CLD ITMO University completed the first stage of St. Petersburg state innovative research project

The results were presented at the Annual Board Meeting of Power and Engineering Maintenance Committee under the Administration of the St. Petersburg Government at the end of March 2017

What is a "Smart Chameleon Jacket"?

Roman Antonov, master student at the Creative Lighting Design School, made a chameleon jacket, which "copies" the color of objects that it approaches

Philips’s Vice President: Darkness is the other side of the Lighting Design

The famous lighting designer and Philips vice president, Rogier van der Heide came to St. Petersburg to talk to the students about modern tendencies in this field and shared his experience