Lux Aeterna

Founded in 1982, Lux Aeterna Theatre was the first and only professional stationary light-music theatre with permanent stage in USSR. After Fall of the Soviet Union the Theatre as well as the given project continues to evolve in Hungary and Ukraine. Today it is mostly located in Hungary and Russia (Saint-Petersburg). Since 2009 Lux Aeterna Theatre collaborates with ITMO University in the field of joint Art-Science-Technology Projects.

Laser performances at planetarium

During long years Lux Aeterna Theatre's artists and engineers are developing a number of techniques to create dynamic visual content by using lasers and optical technologies (the main method of creating dynamic visual content is a method of so called laser interference, a spectator’s immersion in peculiar ceaseless laser waves) in combination with music and musical sounds. The content (séance) has dramaturgy, scenario, sound and light scores. It can be used on stationary and mobile stages, at planetariums, modern art museums, relaxation and concentration rooms, meditation halls, hospitals, hotels, spa-wellness centers, rehabilitation, health and medical centers.

Relaxation and concentration rooms

In 2013 ITMO University and Lux Aeterna Theatre started the joint project on exploring the effect of Lux Aeterna Theatre's performances on psychophysiological state of audience. The aim of the project was to find more suitable methods for using laser-music content at relax rooms. In 2015 was made the first experiment jointly with the department of general and clinical psychology at First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. The experiment was focused on the changing of human condition after a five minutes’ show inside a prototype of a relax room (a spherical screen was installed). The results of experiment showed the reducing anxiety of 10%, p=0.88, increasing speed and improving accuracy by realization of test task of 15%, p=0.80. Researchers of ITMO University continue to work in this field and examine also visual properties of laser graphic and simulate of optical devices.

Mobile planetarium

CLD ITMO University has its own mobile planetarium for work on outdoor events in the framework of the exhibitions and city festivals, such as VK Fest, Geek Picnic.