Art and Interaction

— Lighting designer should follow his own dream, — this advice of Roger Narboni, famous French lighting designer, curator of our international laboratory "Lighting design of an urban environment", is a base for implementation of our multimedia and art projects.

Interactive lighting artefacts

Development of interactive lighting artefacts joint with Russian and foreign artists in the framework of art residence of Art & Science Institute at ITMO University — from the technology development to creation of object. Project was presented at the annual international conference “Lighting Design – 2016”, St, Petersburg, Russia. Artist: Taras Mashtalir. Photo: CLD ITMO University.

Wireless multimedia and сontrol system

Development and implementation of control system and wireless multimedia for objects (hearts) programmed individually. Location: Ice Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia. The project was developed for SazonovStudio. Photo: SazonovStudio.

Dynamic lighting projection on large and small architectural forms

Concept development and implementation of festive lighting for the fragments of an urban environment using high-tech projection equipment. The project was developed for the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg in the framework of international festival "Chinese New year is a happy celebration of spring". Location: "Music-Hall", St. Petersburg, Russia. Photo: ITMO University.

Lighting and music performances

Lighting content development and creation of the music performance for the festival "Evening of light in Tsarskoye Selo". Location: Catherine Park, St. Petersburg, Russia. Video: gorodpushkin.ru.

Festivals of Light

Organization and holding of the festival of light Lumifest. Project was implemented in the Alexander Park, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Video: aledo LED systems.

Conceptions for festivals of light

Development of the conceptions for the festival of light in the "Naryn-Kala", UNESCO World Heritage Site. Location: Derbent, Republic of Dagestan, Russia.

Mobile dome with interactive lighting sculptures and artefacts

Mobile dome with interactive lighting sculptures and artefacts for exhibitions and summer outdoor festivals. Project was implemented for the Committee for Tourism Development under the Administration of the St. Petersburg Government in the framework of international touristic exhibition INWETEX. Location: Lenexpo, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Optical Art

Interactive photo zone with optical illusions. The portraits of visitors are transformed in the graphic images and synthesized with the content of the photo zone. Thus creates the illusion of immersion into the space. Photo: SMIT exhibition.