Objects and Small Forms

CLD ITMO University pays special attention to the small objects design using flexible electronics and lighting technologies. The priority areas are smart textiles and jewelry with dynamic lighting.

Chameleon Jacket

The jacket changes the color when its' owner touches something. White diodes that are on the sleeves of jacket light on objects, then the reflected light goes on the sensors that detect their colors. The sensors send out a signal to microchip, which manages light regimes of diode tapes. Furthermore, one of layers of the jacket consists of thinsulate, the modern warmth keeping material, which also diffuses diodes' light, as tapes are almost invisible. The system detects objects that are 3−4 cm from the sleeves. Design: Roman Antonov.

Dynamic Lighting Jewelry

We developed dynamic lighting jewelry based on optical fibers. This allowed us to create novel and, what's most important, unique light effects — to some, this will remind them of the Milky Way, to others — movement of neurons. Jewelry can be useful and have more functions than just looking good. Such jewelry can track a person's pulse. Also, they can be fixed with such functions as reading body temperature, or temperature of the surrounding environment. Yet, we aim at solving other tasks, like developing new types of communication that have to do with one's emotional state. For example, if you want to show your emotions more obviously, your jewelry can help you by changing its lighting intensity, color or pulsation. Such jewelry can show its wearer's emotional condition, like whether he's calm or tense. Surely, not everyone would like to disclose his emotions, but many would like to own such items. Thus, we offer programmable jewelry, so that each can match colors to emotions as he likes. Design: Valeria Mikoluk.

Smart Backpack for Cyclists that has turn signals

The backpack is fixed with a screen that shows turn signals, as well as a stop sign. We also added different animations so as to expand the target group, making it more than just cyclists. According to them, the backpack was to be capacious yet comfortable. It is enough to carry a laptop with a 15.6'' display, but does not seem large due to its teardrop shape. The electronics weigh 600 grams, and are conveniently packed into a separate detachable trunk, so that the backpack can be used without it. Another good thing about that is that one can use the same trunk for a different backpacks or vice-versa. As of now, the novelty also allows charging smartphones and gadgets, and will soon be able to charge laptops as well. In future, we plan to add flexible solar batteries so that it will be able to charge from sunlight. The backpack's prototype was made of leather, so it’s quite heavy, yet many of its parts will be replaced with lighter materials, especially the rigid parts. Design: Roman Antonov, Ekaterina Kuklina.

IT Polygraphy

The integration of added functionality into technological formats of printed products. As an example is interactive invitation with a luminous source and a managed scenario. Design: Ilia Smilga.