Facts and Figures

Established in 2015, Creative Lighting Department (CLD ITMO University) is an innovative research and educational multidisciplinary project of ITMO University, one of the leading Russian technical university situated in St. Petersburg. CLD’s mission is to provide quality of life and urban lighting with the accent on human well-being and an integrated approach to lighting design and urban development.

Creative lighting design — the first three words in the acronym CLD. Creativity is the basis for The Higher School of Light Design at ITMO University
Master Program
Our professors possess both high qualifications and valuable scientific practice experiences, thereby allowing CLD ITMO University to provide not only a high quality education to Russian lighting designers, but also to improve methods of instruction
Research Lab
The research and practical experience of CLD ITMO University employees, in combination with the intellectual and material resources of the international research laboratory "Lighting design for an urban environment", allows to complex analyze the urban lighting environment and meet the professional requirements of the global market
Production Lab
The source of our inspiration is students — talented, active and open to new knowledge, experiments and experience
Project Lab
Resources and equipment of Lighting Engineering Laboratory helps us with the complex analysis of lighting environment. Besides this Laboratory takes photometric measurements of lighting devices and specializes in lighting and optical calculations, modeling and production of lighting fixtures

Stages of development

  • 2 April 2015
    In the framework of the opening ceremony of The International Year of Light and Lighting Technologies in Russia was presented the prospect development of education in the field of lighting design to Vladimir Vasilyev, Rector of ITMO University
  • 27−31 May 2015
    At the annual international exhibition Arch Moscow was the first educational discussion program of CLD ITMO University with the support of the creative association of lighting designers RULD
  • 1 September 2015
    The official date of birthday of The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University (CLD ITMO University). Head of Department is Natalia Bystriantseva, Ph.D. in Architecture, one of the leading Russian experts in the field of lighting design, laureate of the National Award in Literature and Arts, 2014
  • 8−9 October 2015
    CLD ITMO University and RULD organized Lumifest, the first lighting festival in St. Petersburg. Here were presented the student lighting installations to the international professional experts, which visited festival in the framework of international research-to-practice conference Lighting Design – 2015
~250 thousand people
audience reach of the events with CLD participation in 2016
60% more
people visited our Lighting Design Conference in 2016 
1.3 million people
audience reach in mass media and Internet at the end of 2016