Returning to the Path of Human: St. Petersburg to Host Lighting Design International Conference

On 1–2 November 2019 will be held the International Conference on Lighting Design at the State Hermitage Museum and ARCHCLUB in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference is being organized by ITMO University, CLD ITMO University and the creative association of lighting designers RULD together with the State Hermitage Museum and the ARCHCLUB social and professional project.

“No matter how much we talk about the progress and the synthesis of technologies, no magic will happen until there is one irreplaceable component – a human being,” says Denis Astakhov, CEO of Avocado Toast, of the main idea behind the international scientific-practical conference “Lighting Design” in 2019. We stand on the brink of the Russian lighting industry development, where previous approaches lose their relevance. While some companies anticipate changes, and others try to solve short-term problems, there are those who look to the future and consider the possibility of creating a comfortable lighting environment in the context of digitalization. “Lighting Design” conference will be dedicated to this particular topic, as well as the role of humans in the lighting industry development.

The main goal of the conference is to connect Science with Business through Art and Innovative Technology to develop a competitive market for lighting design and produce new ideas and trends. 540 architects, lighting designers, engineers, IT and multimedia specialists, scientists, representatives of the Russian government, top-managers, set designers, producers and artists took part in the Conference 2017.

More about Conference 2019 read on the link http://itmo.news/en/startups_and_business/partnership/news/8892/.



540 people
visited Conference in 2017
75% of total audience
were specialists, top managers and owners of Russian and foreign companies
10 countries
presented the foreign speakers and participants

The two-day event featured four general panel discussions, more than 20 presentations, workshops and lectures given by key Russian and international experts. In addition to the main program, there were also cultural and social events arranged, as well as open lectures for the city to promote the development of lighting culture and to increase awareness and knowledge amongst the local citizens in the field of science and light.

Conference photos

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Conference provides great networking opportunities to meet people who are interested in the same things you are on a deep level. If you have a desire to become a part of our project, we would be very glad to find the best ways of joint cooperation.

Lighting Design Conference 2016