International Laboratory

Research area of the International research laboratory "Lighting design for an urban environment" is a quality of life, lighting environment in a city and human perception of lighting environment. As a base of our research works we use the holistic approach to lighting design to create new project and improving lighting environment taking into account the energy efficiency, comfort, safety, informativeness and visual aesthetics. More about International research laboratory... List of Publications you can find on…

Physical measurements

Photometric, colorimetric and oculographic measurements and correlation analysis of the data obtained indicating the quality of the lighting environment. The environment is analyzed from the point of view of perception of the driver and the pedestrian. Oculographic measurements are performed in a special usability laboratory using Eye Tracker Tobii X2 or in an urban environment using Eye Tracker Tobii Glasses 2.


Studies are underway using simulators developed on the base of Unreal Engine 4.11.2 by the specialists of CLD ITMO University. For creation of virtual space of such simulators are used panoramic and fulldome projections. Thus we explore lighting navigation in a city and the issues related to the impact of the visual chaos on human health due to the color dynamic lighting.

Energy efficiency

Research works aims to identify issues of lighting and urban environment and social conditions in terms of energy efficiency, infrastructures, lighting engineering, comfort, safety of pedestrians and drivers, functionality, pedestrian and transport traffic, social mobility and area’s attractiveness. On the basis of these works and analytical data about lighting environment laboratory staff joint with international laboratory “Urban informatics” creates and develops big data solutions to do efficient, complex and multilayered cross section of the lighting environment and to set investment priorities in the context of improving the quality of life and developing the energy efficiency. CLD ITMO University conducts also the studies in the field of parametrical systems of natural lighting.

Lighting culture

Lighting design is an important part of lighting culture, the specialized area of culture united achievements of science, art and technology. The level of lighting culture, defined by a set of sociocultural, economic, technological and ecological criteria, is one of the main indicators of quality of life in the cities. In this regard, the study of socio-cultural values of lighting environment is among the priority objectives of the international laboratory "Lighting design in an urban environment". More about lighting culture we set out in the conference proceedings of the international research-to-practice conference “Lighting Design – 2015”.