The first summer of the international project L4H

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The Consortium members of the L4H project are glad to announce the first Summer School. The event will take place in the framework of the programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership from 29th July to 2nd August 2019. The host country is the United Kingdom represented by the University of Wolverhampton. Alongside the University, other partners that are involved are Thomas Jefferson University (USA), ITMO University (Russia), and the leading European schools in architectural lighting design Aalborg University (Denmark), Hochschule Wismar (Germany), KTH Royal Institute (Sweden).

The first meeting of the Consortium members in October 2018


Take out the new Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership L4H project was officially launched on 4 October 2018. Over three years, the Consortium will participate in summer schools, workshops and meetings to create a trans-disciplinary teaching course on the topic of "Health Research for Lighting Design". The course will consist of three educational modules: "Interior Lighting for Domestic Spaces", "Lighting for Working / Educational Environments", and "Lighting for Healthcare Environments".

As a result of the L4H project, educational materials, video lectures of three summer schools, documents and interactive exercises will be placed on a Virtual Platform created through the project. Access to the platform will be open to anyone interested in the L4H project. The idea of this Virtual Platform is to unite the best educational resources, materials, methods and tools to research the influence of light on human health in lighting design, and to develop the quality of light and lighting environment. Among the research interests considered in the project are neurology, photobiology, neuroendocrinology, psychophysiology and psychology.

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