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17 april 2020 lighting education cld itmo university education поступление 2020 магистратура master program

ITMO University and Creative Lighting Department (CLD) announce the anniversary admission to the unique international Master’s programme «Lighting design».

We invite creative and ready for ambitious experiments students of Russian and foreign Universities to join powerful participants of scientific progress and together with a team of leading University professors and invited foreign scientists, achieve a professional breakthrough in the field of lighting design.

The educational programme was created by the main specialists of Creative Lighting Department (CLD) of ITMO University) and has no analogy in Russia. In 2017 CLD of ITMO University became one of top-five Europe’s innovative institutions according to authoritative Global Light Designers Convention’s prize PLDR 2017.  In 2019, ITMO University won the first place in Russia and the 151st place all over the globe in the QS World University Ranking by Subject Art&Design.

We focus on training a new generation of lighting designers — researchers working at the interface of different scientific fields, such as design, architecture, IT, sociology, cultural studies and others that research the influence of light and technology on human health, behaviour, emotional well-being. This approach to learning process is aimed to help our students to become unique specialists, who are always in demand by the international professional community.

We are waiting for the graduates of from the arts & architecture sphere, engineers, light artists, production designers, cameramen, multimedia specialists and designers, who are searching for new means of working with the light in interactive or urban environments. 

We are welcoming everybody who is interested in the professional transformation in fields of urbanisation, environmental design, architectural environmental design and interactive, lighting and media technologies.

Master’s programme in Lighting Design is a fusion of scientific theory and practice, researches, experiments, joint projects with the leading representatives of the lighting industry, work with the innovative equipment. All these activities make the education practically orientated towards the specific spheres of lighting and the need of lighting industry.

Participation in international summer schools, internships and international academic mobility programmes in collaboration with partner Universities (Aalborg University (Denmark), Tallinn University (Estonia), University of Oulu (Finland), University of Twente (Netherlands), Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)), realisation of industrial and art projects performed in project and student laboratories, presenting of the best projects at international and Russian contests. These conditions allow our students to create a successful career or and make an awesome professional portfolio. Our graduates work for the leading Russian and foreign companies Bl Group, Aledo, Bright Buro, Haptic Team, Europeiskaia Electrotechnika as well as for private studios, interactive media. 

Want to take your education and career to the international level with the Master’s Programme in Lighting Design? Follow the Application Guide.

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