LIT Design Awards Created to Recognize Global Lighting Design

LIT Awards Partners with CLD ITMO University, RULD, and PLD Magazine to Shine Greater Recognition on Innovation and Talent in Lighting Product Design and Implementation

Innovation salon "Industrial Lighting" in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg will host 7-th Russian innovative interior lighting expo "Industrial Lighting - Petersburg, 2017" on 3−6 October 2017

Light in a city: design or programming. New technological and analytical tools

On 19 September 2017 was held the roundtable discussion under the moderating of Natalia Bystriantseva, the head of CLD ITMO University and The Creative Associations of Lighting Designers RULD

Interaktiv inside the well and the eyes of Gatchina Park’s architect

What else can we expect from the lighting design installations of CLD master students in the framework of festival "Night of Light" in Gatchina Park

"Technology in my mind is instruments that help people to know themselves"

Taras Mashtalir, artist of art residence at Institute Art & Science of ITMO University, gave an interview for ITMO.NEWS at the opening of media art festival "MediaIN"

Our students are the best students in St. Petersburg

Polina Litvinenko, MSc of CLD ITMO University, is among the best graduates of St. Petersburg universities in 2017

Master students became masters

Our congratulations to our students with Completing Their Master's Degree and new step into big life — without exams, design of viable projects and sleepless nights in the search systems