CLD Master’s students create paradoxes

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CLD Master’s students Natalya Boykova, Viktor Permyakov, Olga Poskrebyisheva, and Valeriya Molodovskaya are among participants of "Night of Light in Gatchina", an international competition of light installations.

An expert jury and the festival committee selected 29 finalists of the competition. The list of finalists include design studios from St.Petersburg and Moscow, artists from Italy, Portugal, Finland, Belarus, and Holland, and CLD Master’s students.

Valerya Molodovskaya, last year's finalist of the competition, together with her team will present an interactive audio-visual installation —  lighting doorways, located around central lake in Gatchina park. Every time a visitor will open a door and ask a question "Who is there?", they will see a new image.

Light installation "Who is there?". Creative team: Valerya Molodovskaya, Dmirtii Chukhin, Kirill Shamritsky and Nikita Pashenko


If you look at the sky when it rains, you see rain drops falling downwards. When you look into the dark water, you see a sky reflection. Our first year student Olga Poskrebysheva asks what if these natural processes can be reversed? Olga and her creative team takes part in this international competition for the first time and literally turns it upside down with her art object called "The Rain". Her main goal was to create a feeling of zero-gravity by making the rain ‘fall’ from the lake to the sky and to bring audience’s attention to environmental issues caused by people.

Light installation "The Rain". Creative team: Olga Poskrebysheva, Natalya Frolova, Albert Mukhin, Kirill Varavin


We remind you that finalists will be able to instal and prepare their art objects on the territory of Gatchina’s National Reserve-Museum from the 4th to the 9th of August. This year, the "Night of Light in Gatchina" Festival will take place on the 10th of August night.  An award ceremony will be held at the international Lighting Design conference later in 2018. Follow the link.

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