II Round of international student speaker competition The Challenge 2018/2019 has started

01 june 2018 архитектура городские инновации дизайн будущего образование в дизайне образование в искусстве световая инженерия

CLD's masters Svetlana Degtiareva, Daria Filatova, Valeria Molodovskaya and Daria Chirimisitna successfully entered the second Round of the international student speaker competition The Challenge 2018/2019. Participants are going to present the topics and design-projects from smart jewerlies to designing of urban environment.


The competition is held in four rounds. During its first round, experts selected 15 most interesting topics propose by students from Partner Universities. During the second round, successful applicants are expected to record a video of a 3-minute pitch. Based on these videos, the jury will select the best 18 students.  Deadline for submitting a video is 16 July, 2018. Round 3 involves a 20-minute presentation of the paper on selected topic at the mini-conference in Berlin which will be held on 31 January – 1 February, 2019. This conference is a warm up for a the main PLDC event in 2019. The best six students will be able to present a 45-minute paper on their topic at the PLDC 2019 in Singapore and compete for the main prize of €1000.

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