CLD ITMO University completed the first stage of St. Petersburg state innovative research project

24 march 2017 urban innovations lighting design big data holistic approach master plan government quality of life energy efficiency

The results were reported by Natalia Bystriantseva, Head of The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University, at the Annual Board Meeting of Power and Engineering Maintenance Committee under the Administration of the St. Petersburg Government at the end of March 2017. St. Petersburg state innovative research project is developed by The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University in the framework of “The Complex Development Program of the city St. Petersburg (Russia) as the center of lighting culture for the period 2018 – 2030 with the perspective to 2050”

Project consists of two stages. The first one is the creation of development model of lighting environment in a city based on the updating of AIS of St. Petersburg state unitary enterprise “Lensvet”, the leading operator of urban lighting in Saint-Petersburg, and integrated analysis of lighting environment in a city conducted by the international laboratory of lighting design in an urban environment at ITMO University.

The main goal of integrated analysis is to identify issues of lighting and urban environment and social conditions in terms of energy efficiency, infrastructures, lighting engineering, comfort, safety, functionality, pedestrian and transport traffic, social mobility and area’s attractiveness. To identify issues was taken into account the Russian and foreign experience in the field of lighting master plan development, urban development and organizing the spatial structure by day and night. In the analysis were used the open source data and confidential data of private companies (Yandex, mobile providers) and government institutions (KGA, KGIOP, GU MVD).


The next final stage of St. Petersburg state innovative research project will include proposals for changing of technical guidance documents regulating the development of external lighting systems. It will also include testing of algorithms and mathematical models for development of software solution to make decision in preparing of target programs to develop lighting environment of a city. Such software will help to do efficient, complex and multilayered analysis of the lighting environment and to set investment priorities.

The St. Petersburg state innovative research project will be the basis to create target program for development of lighting in St. Petersburg for the period 2018 – 2030 with the perspective to 2050. It’s the first state project in the world, which includes the big data solution, analysis and conceptual foresight of the development of lighting environment in the context of improving the quality of life and developing the energy efficiency on the example of Saint-Petersburg. The project is being developed by department “The Higher School of Lighting Design” with participation of leading laboratories of schools of photonics and translational information technologies at ITMO University.


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