What is a "Smart Chameleon Jacket"?

30 september 2016 smart clothing wearable electronics lighting design future technologies

Smart clothing is not only an attribute of characters from science fiction movies or a fashion show — it also can be used in everyday life, believes Roman Antonov, Master's student at the Creative Light Design School. He made a chameleon jacket, which "copies" the color of objects that it approaches

Today everybody knows about exosceletons for medical and military purposes while electronic textiles remain almost unknown. This type of clothes contains high-tech elements — from diodes to computers. For example, the closing with installed sensors and microchips can detect blood pressure, pulse, and temperature of the owner and then show their rates using color changing or other signals. Such system helps the «iron clothing» of Tony Stark form the famous comic book detect the condition of his health. However it is managed by computer program. Speaking of the real opportunities, contemporary sportsmen are offered special suits that relax certain muscles or reduce muscle vibrations caused by physical activity.

The jacket changes the color when its' owner touches something. White diodes that are on the sleeves of jacket light on objects, then the reflected light goes on the sensors that detect their colors. The sensors send out a signal to microchip, which manages light regimes of diode tapes. Furthermore, one of layers of the jacket consists of thinsulate, the modern warmth keeping material, which also diffuses diodes' light, as tapes are almost invisible. The system detects objects that are 3−4 cm from the sleeves.

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