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The international festival "Night of light in Gatchina" published the list of 17 best lighting installations and waiting for the best content to participate in the second nomination "Videomapping" until 30 June 2019

Call for international competition "Night of Light in Gatchina"

We are glad to announce international comptetion, which will be held to present the best creative lighting installations during the International Festival “Night of Light in Gatchina”

Call for the competition of "Night of Light in Gatchina"

National Reserve-Museum "Gatchina" and CLD ITMO University are pleased to announce the International Competition of Lighting Installations within the International Festival "Night of Light in Gatchina"

Three Men in a Boat and new light of Holland

Where can students of ITMO University go in Amsterdam, what discoveries do city lighting in Europe make, and why is the national unity and light important more than ever—all this in the material about the overseas trip of students of the Higher school of light design of ITMO University

LumiFest. First Ever Light Festival held in St. Petersburg

The festival was organized by ITMO University’s Chair of Creative Light Design School for the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies

Light Games: the First Russian Lights Festival "LumiFest" Coming to St. Petersburg

Can public lighting surprise and delight? After visiting urban lights festival "LumiFest" all St. Petersburg dwellers will give an affirmative answer