Call for the competition of "Night of Light in Gatchina"

01 april 2017 cld itmo university competition creative technologies festival of light lighting installation lighting show lighting design conference

National Reserve-Museum "Gatchina" and CLD ITMO University are pleased to announce the International Competition of Lighting Installations within the International Festival "Night of Lights in Gatchina". The event will be held on the 12th of August in 2017 with the support of the Committee of Culture St. Petersburg. Theme of the Competition: "Laboratory of Dreams". Students of creative and technical professions, artists, designers, creative associations and design studios are invited to take part in the competition. Works can be provided both by their authors and groups of authors from Russia and other countries.

The main concept of the Festival 2017 is based on the idea of travelling around the world of dreams consisting of all the variety of the real world, imaginary journey through time and space, fantastic floating above the stars and weird transformations, beautiful scenes of the Universe birth or apocalyptic premonitions.

Walking through the park territory, visitors of the Festival will proceed along the route consisting of multiple dreams embodied in the projection shows, light installations and performances. At every turn of any path, bridge or lawn, the atmosphere of the night is changing; piquant dreams are growing into scary, funny or bizarre ones… One can get into the dreams of a teenager, or an old man, an official or a scientist, feel all the shades of emotions, becoming a participant of these visions.

Participants of the competition must provide drawings of their works depicting original static or dynamic lighting installations, or objects, which will be located in the Gatchina park on the 12th of August 2017.  Lighting installations can be supplied with background music or any interactive part.  The main requirement is as follows: appropriate aesthetic integration of installations in the architectural context and/or  landscape of the Gatchina park.

The aims and objectives of the Competition are heightening the interest in modern art technologies, promoting creative initiatives, progressive ideas and new technologies. The Competition jury consists of competent experts in the field of lighting design, architects, artists, actors, fine art experts, and other cultural and academic figures. The winners will be awarded with prizes.

The Сompetition has two stages

1. During the first stage (starting from 13.03.2017 up to 13.04.2017) considering of application forms containing drawings of competitive objects, as well as selection of applications for entering the second (final) stage of the Competition will be carried out. Each competitor must send the following documents from 13.03.2017 to 13.04.2017 via e-mail: contest@gatchinanights.ru:

  • application for participation in the Сompetition in English or Russian;
  • portfolio allowing to evaluate professional level (can include both images and videos of completed projects);
  • a drawing/drawings of a lighting object or installation;
  • an explanatory note to the drawing containing a description of the artistic concept of a project, used technologies, required resources.

Selected works will enter the second (final) stage of the competition which takes place from 05.04.2017 up to 12.08. 2017.  The applicants, having passed the first stage will be informed via email address specified in their application form and at the same time will be supplied with preliminary information materials.  The list of finalists will be published on the website gatchinanights.ru.

2. The second (final) stage includes agreeing on terms of conditions, construction of the competitive objects/installations within the territory of the «National Reserve-Museum «Gatchina» and their displaying during the Festival «Night of Lights in Gatchina» on the 12th of August 2017. Finalists must submit the following documents from 05.04.2017 to 30.04.2017 via e-mail contest@gatchinanights.ru:

  • three-dimensional rendition (drawings or 3-D presentation) of the object;
  • explanatory note containing the description of the artistic concept of the project, techniques and technology that are going to be used, necessary materials, the size and weight of the object, its technical characteristics and capacity requirements;
  • providing that, a participant has a sponsor paying her/his taking part in the Competition, transportation expenses, any materials, etc., the participant must coordinate in written form the possibility of displaying or publishing any sponsor’s promotional content within the Competition/Festival with the Organizer.

Conditions of participations in the final stage

A list of materials, equipment, hardware and software needed to create a lighting object or installation, as well as its construction technology description is subject to expertise of the technical specialists of the Festival "Night of Lights in Gatchina" and is to be agreed upon by the Organizing Committee of the Competition.  Competition participants are entitled to consult with a technical specialist of the Festival on how to construct their works in the optimum way.

Participants are provided with workrooms, necessary materials and equipment in the territory of the «National Reserve-Museum; within the period of constructing competitive objects/installations, the creative camp for Competition participants is going to be built. Travel expenses, food and accommodation costs won’t be reimbursed for non-residents and foreign participants.  

All the information about conditions of participation can be found on the website gatchinanights.ru.

Competition Coordinator: Elena Wild, tel.: +7 (911) 251-10-94
E-mail: contest@gatchinanights.ru


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