Belgian Fashion Capital: How Antwerp Became a Creative Centre

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Are you fascinated to know how Antwerp became a Belgian fashion capital and a creative centre? Find it out in the lecture of Jasna Rokegem. It will take place on the 26th of April at Artplay Centre in Saint Petersburg.

Belgium is famous for its rich heritage and known as a lively fashion centre. Antwerp, for example, has an exceptional history that began in 1663, when the Royal Academy of Fine Arts was founded there. In 1963, the prestigious Faculty of Fashion was opened and by the early 1980's, it became recognized as a global leader in the fashion industry. Nowadays, Antwerp’s talented designers and artists continue to impact the fashion industry. Get to know this fascinating story first-hand!

Fashion futurist designer Jasna Rokegem, founder and CEO of the company "Jasna Rok", is a young and energetic pioneer in combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology. Jasna Rok is Belgium's first high-tech fashion studio. Designer tries to combine technological innovations and wearable clothes of the future. She has a strong vision on the clothing of the future and how it can add value to our daily lives.

Key topics:

Antwerp and Fashion

Getting to know Antwerp — the current state of affairs and infrastructure.

Style and technology

Brief overview of various industries ("smart" materials, innovative production processes, system thinking, new ways of distribution and communication) with examples from Flanders

The Antwerp Case with illustrations

Interactive presentation on endless possibilities of fashion and technology. Demonstration of conceptual solutions.

Q & A Session

Key Speakers:

Elgiz Kachaev

Committee Chairman for the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Consumer Market of St. Petersburg

Hanne Debare

Consultant of the Project Manager "Flander DC"

Jasna Rockegem

Founder and CEO of Jasna Rok

Maxim Balanev

Moderator & Executive Director of Regional Integrated Centre — St. Petersburg

26 April in 2018, 14:00 to 16:00

A meeting place: Artplay Centre, Saint Petersburg

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