The Russian experts discussed problems of city lighting and education in the sphere of light design

14 october 2015 lighting design conference achievements in science lighting design urban innovations

Activities of the International Year of light continue to bring up questions connected with the role of lighting in human life: last week scientific and practical conference devoted to problems of city illumination and education in the sphere of light design took place in St. Petersburg. On October 8 and 9, 2015 professionals of light design, specialists of Russian higher education institutions and their foreign colleagues gathered in the Northern capital

The two-day conference "Light Design-2015" began with the discussion of challenges and strategies of training of representatives of the creative professions connected with design of city lighting. One of the main difficulties is that the specialty "light designer" at the legislative level in Russia doesn't exist so far. It causes other difficulties connected with division of educational process into baccalaureate and master programs, correction of training courses and so on. For example, as participants note, in Russia the scientific theoretical base in the sphere of light design only starts being formed of researches in the field of  theory of architecture, design and lighting engineering. Programs must consider lots of nuances, from technical to administrative – the head of the master program for light design at National institute of applied sciences of Lyon (INSA Lyon) Sofie Kaklen notes that in France the problem of regulations is extremely acute and artists have to work in rather rigid legislative framework.

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