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Partner of the award-winning engineering consultancy Hoare Lea Lighting and Director of the world-renowned architectural studio Speirs + Major became the coaches of CLD's graduates to prepare to the 3rd round of international competition The Challenge. Svetlana Degtyareva, Valeria Molodovskaya and Valeria Lukinskaya, engineer and lighting designer of CLD ITMO University, will present their projects in 2019 at the mini-conference in Berlin.

Jonathan Rush. Source: hoarelea.com


International competition The Challenge is organized by Via-Verlag Publishing Company to find the new speakers — young, inspired presenters, representative of the rising generation of lighting designers: the lighting professionals of tomorrow. The competition takes place every two years and consists of four rounds. First round is a call for topics at universities from all over the world. For the second round participants create the short video presentations of their projects.

Next round is a speech with presentation at the mini-conference that is held in one of the EU capitals. In 2017 conference was held in London. Next year the mini-conference will be held in Berlin from 31 January to 1 February. 18 participants will prepare talks under the support of six international experts in the field of lighting design. Among them are Susanna Antico, Keith Bradshaw, Deborah Burnett, Rune Nielsen, Kai Piippo, Jonathan Rush.

Keith Bradshaw. Source: illumni.co


Jonathan Rush will support Svetlana Degtyareva, Ph.D. student of ITMO University, to give a talk about 'Sensory jacket'. This project was created inspired by Smart Chameleon Jacket of Roman Antonov. Valeria Molodovskaya and Valeria Lukinskaya, engineer and lighting designer of CLD ITMO University, joint with Keith Bradshaw will prepare the speech about energy-effective accessories, laureate of the international innovative LIT Design Awards. After this round the six best speakers will give the talks and compete for the main prize €1 thousands at the international convention of lighting designers PLDC in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in October 2019.

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